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How to make money on YouTube with Content Locking

By | June 16th, 2016|Categories: Tutorials|

How to make money on YouTube with Content Locking Introduction I will explain to you how to make money on YouTube with Content Locking networks and your own Wordpress site in this tutorial .

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Finally you just got to How to Make Money From Home! You are at the right place if you want to learn how to generate an income from your home. And of course through the Internet. With the help of my knowledge, I’ll show you how it is done. You can check out my Tutorial section for some ways of approaching this topic. Also, you can check out my Premium Tutorial Section . Now you may be thinking that I´m lying and that I’m trying to sell stuff that doesn´t work.
But you are not right! I cannot tell you how to earn $10k a month. To build such a successful business, you’ll need some years of work and a wide range of knowledge about the economic possibilities. That’s why a plan for that would include hundreds of books and could only be bought for millions of dollars.

My Tutorials

It’s different with my tutorials. They’re short most of the times with small, explainable and exact steps. You’ll also be able to generate more money with the knowledge you’ll get from my tutorials without spending much money. How much you want to earn additionally from home totally depends on you, your time and your will.
Of course I can’t show you how to earn $1,000 in just 24 hours. But I can definitely show you how you can earn your first $20-40 per day. You definitely made the first few steps into the right direction as you’re still here and you’re reading this tutorial. You can tap your own shoulders for that! Follow the steps in my tutorials and e-books so that you can make your first earnings in the digital world. Don’t let yourself down because of the analogous working world.

The analogous working world

The analogous working world in the field of small and average businesses has to deal with lower wages. It also has to deal with longer working hours and indefinite employment contracts. On the other hand the Internet is offering unlimited possibilites for everyone that has a laptop and an Internet connection.

The reality

Many businesses offer their employees to do their work at home. But there are still many businesses that do not adapt to this trend. This can also lead to dissatisfaction coming from the employees and customers. It is almost assured that your employer doesn’t want you to work from home. It is also clear that your employer wants to build a connection to you. Of course your employer bets that, after a 10-12 hour day of work, you won´t do ulterior tasks. This is why independency and having a fixed employment agreement can’t match together from the view of the employer. Don’t let that discourage you.

You´re right to work at home

You have the right for an alternative and that can be at your home. If you have never earned a penny through the Internet, fear not. Everyone has to start somewhere and doesn’t just fall into a pot of money. You do not have to be a highly skilled person or a youtuber, that targets 7-13 year olds, either.

Legal ways to make money from home

Enough theory and analysis – time for the facts and ways to earn money. There are possibilities for every little talent to earn money through the Internet. I will now list 10 possible was with whom you can earn money through the Internet and at home.

The Writer

Maybe this is the classic way to earn money at home. If you enjoy writing texts, you can do that through your respective native language. There are enough platforms for that. Most of the time you’ll have to write a sample text to be rated by the respective platform. The better your spelling style is, the higher you’ll get paid for the amount of words that you deliver. Look at these three sites if you are interested: Great Content, Writer Town and iWriter.

The Designer

If you can work with InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, you should consider working as a designer at home. Even if you are just doing this as a hobby or design student, you can receive orders on these sites: DesignCrowd and 99designs.

The guy that does the homework for students

I remember those times when back then I’d be going to school and see other kids struggling and not having their homework done. As a result, clever kids will not experience this problem anymore. This is because there are enough sources and providers that offer the needed solutions for the respective problems. If you are good at maths, you can see how you can earn some money through math tasks for school. You can also do the French homework or literature homework for people.

The Sporting Ace

If you are a sporty person with a good-looking body, you can serve the craziest niches in this area. Just look at what successful services other people offer in the name of their body. Hence there are no limits set for people that want to offer their workout program for $5 per e-mail. You just have to be ready to do that and you can start earning money at home.

The Translator

If you can speak at least two languages reasonably well, you’ve got the potential to make incidental earnings at home. The more specific your language skills are, the more you can cover an own niche. Therefore ask for more money when offering your service as a translator. Obviously, most of the services offer a translation from Englisch to language “x”. Average translators offer their services on fiverr for $5 per 200 words. More talented translators can earn considerably more on platforms like Fliplingo, Lengoo or Textunited.

The SEO Demigod

As a complete SEO god you would probably not have to read all of this. But either way, Search Engine Optimization, is a popular inbound online marketing technique whose demand from businesses don’t decrease. If you’ve had your practical experience, you can definitely try out or for your first orders. As soon as your degree of popularity increases, you can ask for more than the average $10-15 per hour.

The Airbnb Hotelier

Earning money this way is ingenious aswell as simple. You just have to be willing to rent your apartment to tourists or travelers for a certain period of time. On the website of airbnb you can sign up as a host and immediately start renting your guest room. $25-35 in daily earnings are no rarity that way. The travelers have to feed themselves, too. Also the same argument from above does count again. The more positive feedback you receive over time, the more people will book you. Therefore you can also ask for more money.

Geek Jobs

You won’t believe how many people are not able to format a Word and export it as a PDF file. Here you can earn $5 quickly and with no effort – you don’t even have to leave your house. If you really like testing the usability of websites, you can sign up on usefeel. They offer website tests and you can earn up to $10. All you have to do is describe what you like and what you rather don’t like about the websites.

Explainer Videos & Testimonial Jobs

If you are able to film yourself with your own smartphone, you can earn $5 with a 30 second testimonial. In conclusion you just have to deliver a rating for a website, a product or an e-book in a natural manner. The exact order will be explained to you by the customer.

The “Tell People What They Want To Hear“ Jobs

There are indeed people, that let others foretell their future. You don’t believe me? Then look at the first offer on this site. Over 3,000 orders for an esoteric Kabbala curse. Whatever that is, people like to spend money on irrational services. Even on the Internet it’s not different.


Fraud covers a very wide range of areas in the how to make money from home industry. Many blogs and sites are made just to attract people with misinformation and often lead to questionable monthly subscriptions. The following providers heavily represent things like that:
In no case fall for the “Get Rich“ schemes that promise you to get rich over night. All websites that offer you a book, PDF or video with a method that promises you‘ll earn over $150 a day or over $3,000 a month are just made to scam you. You can recognise further scam content when the respective product you have to spend money for, does not show any thematic approach with whom you can earn money.


Besids the 10 exemplary ways to earn money at home, you can also check out these tutorials that’ll provide you with even more ways on how to make money from home.

Premium Tutorials

In the Premium Tutorials section you can find my high-end tutorials for just a few dollars. These tutorials are too good to make them available for a big amount of people.These tutorials have developed due to my own creativity and the many years of testing and optimizing my systems. As mentioned above, you’ll not be making $1,000 per day but thinking of $20-100 per day is something that can be achieved.